AVST Elevates Skype for Business

Mission-critical applications for Skype for Business.

Enhance the Enterprise Capabilities
of Skype for Business

Are you thinking of deploying Microsoft’s Skype for Business as your next corporate PBX? On its own, Skype for Business supports voice communications with a mix of UC offerings, but implementing the solution as a full or partial PBX replacement in the enterprise requires additional mission-critical applications.

As a Microsoft partner for 10+ years, AVST’s CX-E unified communications (UC) platform enhances the richness of your Skype for Business environment. With its direct IP integration, CX-E delivers these essential enterprise applications to Skype for Business:

Integrate Skype for Business into your
Existing PBX Environment

Whether Skype for Business is the right choice to replace your PBX or co-exist in a branch office with your existing PBX(s), CX-E is a simple, cost-effective solution that bridges your IT infrastructure. With more than 400 telephony integrations – from traditional TDM to IP – CX-E enables Skype for Business and any other call control solutions to all work together. Once implemented, CX-E supports a range of integrations, from simple click-to-call functionality with your existing phone system, to a full integration with Skype for Business, CX-E is a single, centralized communications platform that integrates with the multi-vendor call control environment you have today or will have in the future.

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