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AVST Webinar
Best of Breed Speech with a Twist

Speech, Speech and more Speech. You don’t want to miss this 30 minute webinar. It’s the 411 on Speech Automated Attendant and Speech-enabled Personal Assistant, both which are native on the AVST platform . Save money by automating calls. Create more satisfying, self-service interactions. Deliver a natural language, human-like Personal Assistant to your mobile workforce.

Powered by Nuance, AVST’s 15+ years of experience developing speech-enabled applications has led to a new twist on a Personal Assistant – meet Atom™, the Next Generation Total Office Manager. Plus, Atom is multi-lingual and speaks and understands your language.

  • Hear Atom’s real voice with live demonstrations
  • Discover Speech Automated Attendant and outside caller experience
  • Benefits of integrating AVST’s Speech Automated Attendant over other solutions

Best of Breed Speech with a Twist - Video


Best of Breed Speech with a Twist - Slides