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AVST Webinar
What is New in CX-E 8.6

Join us to hear what's new in latest release, the CX-E 8.6 Unified Communications platform. Featuring industry leading scalability, CX-E 8.6 supports over 10+ million calls per month to meet the growing call processing needs of enterprises around the world. CX-E 8.6 highlighted features include:

  • Expanded Scalability – up to 750 ports on a single system
  • Call Center - TeamQ™ provides a cost-effective informal call center solution
  • Certification of VMware® VMotion, high availability and fault tolerance
  • Departmental Automated Attendant
  • Genband CS2100 integration
  • RightFax® 10.6 support
  • IBM® Notes 9.0 support, and more

What is New in CX-E 8.6 - Video


What is New in CX-E 8.6 - Slides