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AVST Webinar
Speech - Transforming the Workplace

Your Voice is 3x Faster than Typing. It's Powerful. It’s Changing the Way We Work.

Speech and Virtual Personal Assistants are on the rise. Speech-enabled technology is already in our personal lives - think Siri or Alexa. It’s time for a Virtual Personal Assistant built for enterprise.

Create a Digital Workplace using Speech

  • An Intelligent Virtual Personal Assistant to simplify your workday and comply with "hands-free/eyes-free" laws
  • Speech-Enable Automated Attendant and Corporate Directory to reduce operator calls and save money
  • Integrate to multiple PBXs simultaneously - Cisco, Avaya, Skype for Business, and more
  • Multi-lingual - callers can speak in any language supported

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Speech - Transforming the Workplace - Video


Speech - Transforming the Workplace - Slides